Unique Glasses Certificates

Put your glasses on and get certified!

What is this?

Unique Glasses NFT certificates are a way to show the NFT properties and ownership associated with an NFT item.

You can use them to share this information with anyone, and everybody can verify this information.

The certificate shows the NFT name, the collection name, the NFT owner, the contract address, the certificate emission date, the NFT properties and the NFT image among other properties.

Important note: To discover and generate the certificate the NFT contract must support the ERC721 interface. To get all the properties in the certificate the NFT item must support the Opensea Metadata Standard

How do I get a certificate?

You need to be an NFT Unique Glasses - Glasses collection holder and you can generate any certificate for the NFTs that you have in your wallet.

To get a certificate you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Login using your Metamask account where you have some glasses NFT.
  2. Fill in the search form to find your NFT.
  3. Click on the download button
  4. The certificate will be generated and downloaded.

Rarity Glasses Points

The number of certificates you can generate per week is based on the glasses points. The glasses points are calculated on the rarity property of the glasses in your wallet.

The points add up. Having more glasses is equal to more points! And having more points is equal to more certificates per week!

If you have more than 100 glasses in your wallet you unlock 1000 certificates/week.

  • Unique: 1   certificate/week
  • Very Unique: 3 certificates/week
  • Very Very Unique: 8 certificates/week
  • Extremely Unique: 20 certificates/week
  • +100 glasses 1000 certificates/week

Generate Certificate

This service is working on beta mode. If you have any issue please contact to contact@uniqueglasses.store.

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