Unique Glasses

A new brand of unique and singular NTF's collections.

Put your glasses on and come in!


Unique Glasses is an NFT brand that creates completely unique series of NFT items.

Each NFT produced by Unique Glasses is distinct and each one of them is part of a full series so let's see who owns each one!

There are series with different categories of items rarity based on some items properties but each one is still unique. We are in NFT industry to become a reference so please stay tuned!

All news will be published on this website and on social networks.



Glasses are the first NFT series released by Unique Glasses. The collection is composed by 9261 distinct glasses. Each of them are composed by 3 colored glasses which are taken randomly from a palette of 21 colors. Although there are not two equal glasses, there are some more special than others. If you think about it, there are only 21 of those 9261 glasses with the three glasses of the same color. That makes those ones extremely unique. On the other hand, some of them have 2 glasses of the same color so that makes them very unique. Be unique and get your favorite!

101 Numbers

The 101 numbers is a Unique Glasses collection where scarcity plays a very important role. There are only 101 Unique Glasses numbers in the world.

Who will own each one?

Be unique and get your favourite number.